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воскресенье, 8 февраля 2009 г.
Ta-da-da-dam=)) I.L.Y.forever 05:03:29
Hey! I'm back!
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суббота, 31 января 2009 г.
: About you http://xywe.com/po.­.. I.L.Y.forever 21:06:36
Опрос: About you
Without pictures

Подробнее…Poll 1: You are...

Answer 1: girl

Poll 2: You are from...

Answer 2: Canada

Poll 3: Your eyes are...

Answer 3: Green

Poll 4: Your hair is...

Answer 4: Dark

Poll 5: You subculture is

Answer 5: Emo

Poll 6: Your favourite sweet is...

Answer 6: Chocolate

Poll 7: Your favourite color is...

Answer 7: Black

Poll 8: Have you got a pet?

Answer 8: No

Poll 9: The first letter of your name - it is...

Answer 9: N

Poll 10: Last question...

Answer 10: Bye

Pass the poll: http://xywe.com/pol­ls/0-7.html
четверг, 29 января 2009 г.
I'm free!!! Absolutely free!!! WOW!... I.L.Y.forever 23:52:00
I'm free!!! Absolutely free!!! WOW!!!
четверг, 22 января 2009 г.
... I.L.Y.forever 23:49:20
I've gotten the schedule for the next semester... So what to say? That sucks. B-)­
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суббота, 10 января 2009 г.
I can't belive, but... I.L.Y.forever 04:11:04
I don't want to love boys anymore. Now I will like girls. I'll try to do it. Because guys have already given me a lot of pain, it's enough.
суббота, 27 декабря 2008 г.
More and more people come here. Nic... I.L.Y.forever 22:53:35
More and more people come here. Nice...
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вторник, 16 декабря 2008 г.
Schools I.L.Y.forever 05:27:52
Tell me about your school.
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четверг, 11 декабря 2008 г.
I.L.Y.forever 06:41:29
Запись только для зарегистрированных пользователей.
четверг, 4 декабря 2008 г.
I hope I really will... I.L.Y.forever 00:57:16
Don't cry... He'll not see your tears... :-[­ :'(­ :'(­ :'(­ Please, don't cry... You'll be happy... Some day... Just believe and you will... Don't cry... What tears can change? Nothing... I'll be happy. I WILL!!! HEAR YOU I WILL!!!

Настроение: great, actually..
среда, 3 декабря 2008 г.
Note I.L.Y.forever 02:17:04
School is good. I like it! This week my ESL classes will be little. Because all Grade 10s go to Work, all Grade 9s go to Conference. Ah great! Oh and we have just 3 weeks before winter break.. Oh no! I don't want to leave school long time.. Ohh we have just 6 weeks of music class.. Maybe though we'll have it at next semester after classes. I hope so. On next week we have 3 concerts.. I don't know what do I feel about that. I happy, because I love concerts, when everybody look at us.. But.. I don't understand my feelings.. I don't feel REALLY happy..
At December 31, my cousins will come. I didn't see them 4 years.. I don't imagine how will I meet them. Do they remember me? Do they remember games that we played when were kids? They speak just English.. The oldest is remember Russian little bit. But.. a very strong accent... The youngest doesn't remember.. Or he just doesn't want?.. I have to teach them Russian. They have to remember their mother lad!!!
I start to forget Russian.. Is it bad? Yes.. I need to keep it. But.. Now I don't very wanna speak it. Now I like English more. But I have to..
пятница, 28 ноября 2008 г.
Facebook I.L.Y.forever 02:50:10
It's the best site in the world. I love this site. In the Facebook I speak with my friends. I upload my photos. Others upload my photos, too!!! That's the site where you can do everything (almost)! I love you, Facebook!!!

What is about you? What is your favourite site?
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среда, 19 ноября 2008 г.
Does anybody here?Speak with me. Pl... I.L.Y.forever 02:48:37
Does anybody here?
Speak with me.
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воскресенье, 16 ноября 2008 г.
Hey!! X-( X-( X-( X-( X-( X-( Don't... I.L.Y.forever 23:47:35
Hey!! X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ Don't be so quit!! Don't give this site to die!!! X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ We need more people!! So call them!! X-(­ X-(­ X-(­ Let's do this site good and funny, ok? X-(­ X-(­
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суббота, 15 ноября 2008 г.
... I.L.Y.forever 17:37:30
Hi guys don't sleep let's speak, let's call more people here!!!!! 'cause it's boring... But it will be very good and strong practise for our English.
Wow!! I.L.Y.forever 01:16:28
That's good. I didn't know about English version of beon.ru)))) aaaaa it's so fuuuuunny!! Ok. About me. I'm Natasha, I live in Canada, Surrey. I'm 13 years old. I like music. I like to learn new languages. I like German more than other. I hate th and I love PANIK. Aaaaand.. I have a question. Are there Russian people only?????? or no?
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